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Welcome to Shelter ME

Shelter Me Pets is a proud, locally owned business. We thought of a way for us to help the shelters and rescue’s but on a larger scale and Shelter Me Pet Supplies Inc. was created. You see we care about every animal out there and we’re happy to be able to help them by offering 8% of every purchase* to a shelter or licensed 501c3 rescue group of our customers choosing.  Rescues rely on donations for medical and other needs the animal has that arise. Many are not aware of this and the fact that most rely on donations for the extra’s what we call toys, treats, basically the comforts of being in a home. They also provide funding for medical care for the animals in their care. You see being in a shelter can be stressful for an animal so many new sounds, so many new animals can be overwhelming especially when many are missing their humans to begin with. We feel that a dog or cat being able to have a chew toy or ball of their own that can help de-stress them and give them a small part of home while they wait for their forever homes. We believe that will help when the animal has a meet and greet and is feeling a little more relaxed a little more themselves and can help them get to their new home. Let’s face it everybody is a little happier when they have some of the comforts of home. 

No matter if you need toys for your pet(s), bowls or feeders, pet clothing, treats, grooming products or a gift for an occasion Shelter Me is the place for you. Help us help them by shopping for your pet and gift needs at Please tell a friend that has pets or need’s a gift for a pet lover about us because together we can make a difference one purchase at time. 

*Donation will be made on the purchase price before sales tax & shipping.

Why Shop At Shelter Me

We make sure each one of our products is up-to-date with today’s pet supply market. We consider your pets as members of your family and we keep that in mind when we choose the products that we offer. And the best part is that you’ll help other pets in your preferred shelter by buying premium products for your own pet!

Our Products

Our easy to navigate site is designed to help you in your search for what best suits your pet’s needs. We offer everything that makes sure your pet leads a happy and healthy life, from bowls and feeders, food, treats, grooming, toys and even training.

We also pride ourselves in the fact that most of our products are made in the USA. Check out our Products page for detailed information on every premium item in Shelter Me and every service we offer. We guarantee your and your pet’s 100% satisfaction!